Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Best Day of the Year

Mother's DayThe Best Day Of The Year!

The first post I read on Facebook this morning was a friend saying how this was his favorite day of the year. I though this was strange, especially from a man. Though as the day went on I started to understand more of why he felt this way.

Everyone took to Facebook and Twitter to express their feelings for their mom. I quickly noticed two distinct groups of people; Those who expressed their love and gratitude for the “best mom in the world” and those who miss their mom and wish they were still here with us. Regardless of which group you belong to it is clear to see everyone loves mom for the same reason.

As I went through my day I thought about my mom a lot. Suddenly I stopped as I just realized everything I do and who I am is because of my mom. Like many people, my mother is my best friend. She is there for me everyday regardless of my mood. She knows me better than anyone else. What do you expect, most of what I know was taught to me by her. She has taught me how to love, how to share and how to give. She has taught me how to keep a home; cooking, cleaning and don’t forget laundry. Though most of all she has taught me about family and being thankful for the little things. So today I stop and say thank you for the one thing I take for granted every day. Thank you mom! You are an amazing mother and have done a wonderful job of being a mom.

In the end we are all grateful for the woman who gave us life, but we are just as grateful for the woman who has been by our side and has taught us everything we know. This is why mother’s day is the best day of the year. Thank you to all the mothers who have made us who we are. May we follow in your footsteps and share that love and wisdom with the next generation.

Happy Mother’s Day Everyone!

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