Sunday, June 19, 2016


Let Your Imagination Run Wild In The Sandbox

Today is Father's Day!  So in honor of Grandpa, I made JJ a "real" sandbox today.  JJ has one of those plastic turtle sandboxes.  Each summer we get him a bag or two of sand to go into it.  Though the sand never seems to stay in the box.

This year, JJ is really into his construction vehicles.  So he pours the sand onto the patio to create a construction site.  This gives him room to move around freely.  However, it leaves a big mess all over the place.  Especially in the house as we have to walk through the construction site to get in and out of the backyard.

I grew up in a different generation.  We didn't have all these plastic toys.  Grandpa made us everything we needed.  I would say he built us a sandbox but that is an understatement.  I'm guessing it was about 24 feet by 24 feet.  Seriously it took a whole dump truck of sand to fill.  Growing up we lived in this sandbox.  There was plenty of room for everyone.  So I truly understand JJ's need for space while working in the sandbox.

No being that handy I did what I could with what I had.  Thankfully I found enough wood in the shed that was already cut to size.  All I had to do was nail it all together.  The boards were even painted. They may need a little touch up here and there but for now they will do.

I placed an umbrella holder in the middle then lined the sandbox with foam play mats. The box got four 50 pound bags of sand.  JJ was in heaven!  He climbed right in with his steam roller and started making roads.

The sandbox is a great learning activity for young children.  It incorporates fine motor skill like scooping and pouring with cognitive skills like problem solving.  It also fosters imagination which is a skill many of today's children lack.  I'm hoping JJ spends hours in his sandbox like I did at his age.

Happy Father's Day Grandpa!  Thank you for the wonderful experience that I can now pass on to JJ.

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