Thursday, May 14, 2015


JJ is a pretty good eater when he is hungry.  He will eat anything in sight double fisted.  When he isn't so hungry or is over hungry life is a different story.  It is times like this that I sill rely on liquid foods. This is either in the form of pouches or drinks.  JJ loves yogurt drinks.  Generally I buy the 2 oz ones. Once in a while he will even drink two in a row.  Aside from being expensive they are full of sugar.

I started looking into making yogurt so I can regulate what goes into JJ's favorite drinks. There are a number of steps to making yogurt and some require precise temperatures.  I have even looked into buying a yogurt machine.  Though the reviews still scare me as people talk about burning the yogurt.

Since JJ loves Kefir (more on kefir below) milk and it is more of a drinkable consistency, I looked into how that is made. To my it is nothing like making yogurt.  Actually it is much easier and sounds fool proof.  All you need is Kefir grains.  I found some on Amazon.

My Kefir grains arrived and I am ready to start making Kefir.

 I followed these simple directions. Seriously this is fool proof.

1.  Placed the grains in a mason jar. (About a spoonful.)
2.  Add a cup of whole milk.  
3. Cover with a coffee filter.
4.  Let sit for 24 hours.
5. Strain the grains.

Technically you are done and can now start the process over again.  Though I like to add fruit to mine.  Be creative and make it how you like.  I started with a flavor everyone loves...strawberry.

1.  Slice a hand full of strawberries.
2.  Place in pot and cover with water.
3.  Boil until the berries dissolve.
4.  Add a spoonful of honey (optional)

You can them mix the fruit right in with your yogurt.  JJ doesn't like the chunks so I let mine cool and puree it in the food processor before adding it.

What is Kefir?

Kefir is a fermented milk drink.  It is similar in taste to yogurt but thinner and drinkable.  Kefir has more probiotics than yogurt and has numerous medical benefits.  Kefir also contains beneficial yeast. One of the things that I love about this yeast is that it metabolizes lactose.  Thus those that are lactose intolerant like JJ can drink it without all the bloating and gassy feelings.  Kefir is full of vitamin (B12 & K2) as well as minerals like calcium and magnesium.  I started drinking kefir years ago.  Since then it has helped me greatly.  It keeps my candida in check and aided in my leaky gut.  Kefir is amazing when you are taking antibiotics or have a stomach ache.  It really does work miracles.  

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  1. This sounds great. I will be trying it at home. Thank you for sharing!


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